1. Is black and white photograph acceptable? Yes

2. Who pays for the printing? The photographer pays for his or her own prints.

3. Who pays for the cost of Exhibition space? Sulu Garden.

4. Is there any restriction on type of camera equipment used in creating the images? No. Any image taken using phone or any camera types is acceptable.

5. Who owns the intellectual property rights to the photograph? The photographer retains all proprietary rights to his or her photographs.

6. Is there a submission fee? No fee is collected for this Exhibition from photographers.

7. Is there an entrance fee charged to visitors to see the Exhibition? No.

8. Is this Exhibition open only to photographers from Miagao? No. This Exhibition is open to all provided the photographs were taken in Miag-ao.

9. Is there a restriction on when the photograph was taken? Yes. The photograph must have been taken within the past 5 years. This ensures that the landscape image is relatively current as terrain features may change over the course of a few years.

10. How many photographs can I submit? Maximum allowed for each photographer in this Exhibition is 5 landscape photographs. The photographer may provide more prints beyond the 5 images, but the Exhibition will accept maximum of only 5 photos.

11. At the end of the Exhibition, does the photographer receive the prints back? Yes, the photographer may retrieve the photographs back at anytime during normal business hours after the completion of the Exhibition.

12. Can I remove my photograph during the period of the Exhibition? No.  Once submitted and accepted by the Curator of the Exhibition, the photograph (s) shall remain for the duration of the Exhibition, unless extraordinary circumstances dictate otherwise.  Such circumstances include legal issues or situations that make it necessary to do so.  The photographer must submit a letter of request. Permission for removal of any photograph is at the discretion of Sulu Garden management.

13. If someone wishes to buy a print of my photograph, what do I do?  For this Exhibition only, the sale of prints during or after the Exhibition is at the discretion of the photographer.  The photographer is free to decide the price and the delivery of such photographs.  Sulu Garden will not take any commissions on sale of the photographs to visitors.  The transaction is the sole responsibility of the photographer.