makiDining in Sulu Garden is an experience and our cuisine keeps evolving each month. We opened in December 2012 with a menu mainly comprising Japanese dishes. Since then, we have added more Filipino favorites, Italian cuisines and American food fare to the menu as part of the plan to create international cuisine options for our guests.

We have fresh juices, iced tea, mixed cocktail drinks and a wide variety of domestic and international beers to choose from. Just ask your waiter if you wish to have the dessert of the day or brewed coffee at the end of your meal.

Please click on the image to view our complete menu.

Please click on the image to view our complete menu.

Every dish served in Sulu Garden is freshly cooked from the time of your order. Some dishes take a little more time before they get served, particularly when there is plenty of guests arriving for lunch and dinner. A waiting time up to 20 – 25 minutes may occur. After your waiter has taken your order, you are most welcome to walk our garden, play (chess, Chinese Checkers), see our ponds and miniatures and visit our Art Gallery. Your waiter will let you know that your food is ready.

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