All About Sulu Garden

Below are a few articles written about Sulu Garden by our visitors in the past. Hope you like to read them.




Mafelou C. Leagogo-Agriam wrote about Sulu Garden in the April/May issue of Cream Magazine entitled “Endearing, Enchanting, Extraordinary.”



 David Blair writes about Sulu Garden. Please follow this link to read the full article.




sulu garden by choose philippines

 Belle Piccio writes about Sulu Garden in Choose Philippines, December 4, 2015. Please read here.





 Miag-ao and Sulu Garden in Rappler 2015. Please click here to read the article.





A prenuptial photoshoot in Sulu Garden. The colors and the nature setting simply makes this look so elegant. Please click here to read more. 



Read and Listen to George Takei about how Star Trek’s Lt. Sulu got his name–from Sulu Sea of the Philippine Archipelago. Read about how Sulu Garden got it’s name here. All are interconnected somehow through time. 



iloilo metropolitan times-sulu garden

Iloilo Metropolitan Times, a business newspaper, published an article describing Sulu Garden on July 21, 2013. Please read here.




Here is a compilation of comments and photos in Tumblr about the experiences of our visitors in Sulu Garden. Please read here.