Videos of Sulu Garden

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GMA Regional TV Early Edition – Tradisyon nga pag-ubra sang budbud ukon asin sa Miagao, Iloilo. Interview with Araceli Adrias.

A short video created by Nico Tristan CastaƱo Villodres. Please click the image to watch.


A short video created by Favee TV. Please click the image to view.


Miniatures that describe one of the most historic moments in Miagao as a pueblo on May 7, 1754. The biggest Muslim invasion in Miagao was part of the centuries of conflicts between the Spanish and Christianized Visayan allies against the Islamic tribes of Mindanao. Historical records showed 21 Muslim caracoas landed in Miagao with over 2,000 warriors for an epic battle against thousands of Miagawanons and Spanish soldiers. This historic moment is recreated in this diorama by Sulu Garden artists. Read more Episode 1:

Video created by Daniel Espina of Spineworks Studios (Miagao, Iloilo).  Artists: Rolland Llarena and Kristian Vimarc Naquita Notada.

Planning a food trip in Sulu Garden? Here is a video by Allanah Lorella about some of the cuisine served in Sulu Garden. Also you can find out more by visiting our website:


Views of the Garden in the eyes of our guests. Come see the former bread factory now transformed into an arts center and garden restaurant in the historic town of Miagao.

miagao bats-rnaciongayo

The HOME TREES of the fruit bats of Miag-ao.  Just 100 meters from Sulu Garden and at the back of the municipal are the roosting trees of fruit bats.  Declared as a bat sanctuary, the bats live mainly within two bubog trees over a century old and considered enchanted by the people of Miag-ao.  Atty. Ramil Naciongayo made this drone video in 2015 to give us a bird’s eye view of the bats of Miag-ao.

sikat ka iloilo

Sulu Garden was featured in ABS CBN’s “Sikat Ka Iloilo” TV show.

Here is the segment of Drew Arellano’s “Biyahe ni Drew” travel and food show of GMA’s News TV Channel that describes Sulu Garden in Miagao Iloilo.

To see the full hour-long version that highlights the town of Miagao and San Joaquin, please click on this LINK or the image to view the video.

A video of debut photoshoot in Sulu garden by Pixmodo Studios.

Kendo (the way of the sword) is a Japanese samurai sword practice. In this video by Nick Foster, the Kendo practitioners of the Iloilo Kendo Club had a demonstration of the art in Sulu Garden last August 29, 2015.

Aerial drone photography of Sulu Garden in 2015 with the scenery of Miagao Poblacion, the sea and mountains. It was a windy day to fly the drones, but I am glad the video capture was great. Many thanks to Iloilo Drone Photography for making it possible.

Sulu Garden Miagao was featured this July 2014 in Amazing Planet TV in the show ‘Behind the EAT (Entirely Amazing Taste).” Enjoy the show and find out more about Sulu Garden via

BUTTERFLIES OF MIAGAO, from eggs to larvae to pupae and emergence of butterflies. Here are the native butterflies of Miagao along the coastal areas. We have even more stunningly colorful ones up in the Miagao upland. Among the many hidden treasures of Miagao is its natural biodiversity. All you need is to explore Miagao in its fullest. Just come down from the cities and see the wonders of nature in Miagao.

Butterfly release in the evening to celebrate the 4th of July (Philippine American Friendship Day) and the end of Jason Matias’ presentation on Photography from Hawaiian Islands to the island of Panay.

 Japanese koi, Pangasius (cream dory), red tilapia, black tilapia, catfish and a wide range of cichlids and guppies are cultured in our ponds. Some for enjoyment, such as the koi, while others are for those who wish to catch live fish for dinner. Hope you like our video of the ponds at Sulu Garden (Miagao, Iloilo, Philippines).

The days after typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan.

The original SOS Philippines singing group performing in November 26, 2013 at Sulu Garden (Miagao, Iloilo, Philippines) as part of the benefit concert called Sagip Iskowela to raise funds to help the sons and daughters of Yolanda victims enrolled at University of Philippines Visayas (UPV). Sagip Iskowela (meaning Save our Scholars) aims to develop means to sustain them through the difficult times when their parents in Leyte, Samar, Capiz, Aklan and Iloilo are trying to recover from the devastation of the supertyphoon Yolanda (Haiyan). With the sponsorship of Sulu Garden, the various UPV student organizations from these islands blended the music of various artists in a unique 3 hour performance –SOS Philippines, UP Sonata, Virtouso, Choristers and special guests performances by Tau Muhammad, Armand TJ and Ruby Rizza Villabert. The success of the concert was made possible in a large part by the many Miagao businessmen and friends who lent their equipment and expertise to support this program, making Miagao a great university town.

Enjoy our 2013 slideshow of Sulu Garden.

Year 2011. The small island flying foxes (Pteropus hypomelanus) flying over Sulu Garden every night at sunset from a roost 100 meters from Sulu Garden.


Year 2011. Butterflies and flowers of Sulu Garden.

Sulu Garden’s cherry blossoms.