Photography in Sulu Garden


sulu photoshoot 1We are most pleased to share our garden with our dining guests and your memorable experience is best shared through photography. You are most welcome to take photographs as you go through the gardens. Share your photos with us on Facebook: Sulu Garden-Miag-ao or send by email to

We have also collected a few of the photographs of the gardens taken by our guests and wish to share with you a few of their photos here.


Developing and maintaining the gardens are time consuming and expensive operation. These activities are daily routines for permanent maintenance staff. For this reason, Sulu Garden also has to cover part of this operating cost by charging fees for professional and commercial photography.

There are quite a number of groups that come visit Sulu Garden for their pre-nuptial, after wedding, debut and pre-birthday pictorials. Some come for model photo-shoots or for product photography or video. Sulu Garden’s Photography Rules can be accessed through this pdf.

sulu photoshoot 3Students conducting documentary type photography or videos for school use may be exempted or have a reduced fee arrangement by speaking with the Operations Manager before they start the photo-shoot.

Here are a few images of photographers taking photographs at Sulu Garden.


Please click thumbnails to view larger images.

Photo contributors: Carvi Campos, Bryan Palmos, Rhea Joy Urvieta Navales, Czarinah Perocho, Diadem Anne Pacheco, Frances Aujero, John Ray Palmares, June Carlo Montano Nemiada, Kayla Grewatz, Kessia Marri Molee Khara, Knette Julienne Magbanua, Love Aguirre Diana, Macie Napulan, Ronald Medina and Ruperto Quitag