Exhibition 002-15 Landscape

From the Mountains to the Sea: Landscape Photographs of Miag-ao

aerial view UPV

Miag-ao (Iloilo) is known as a university town because of UP Visayas campus and a UNESCO town because of Miag-ao Fortress Church as a World Heritage Site. But, there are a lot more about Miag-ao than these two institutions. Miag-ao’s 119 barangays extends from the mountains bordering Antique Province to the shores of Sulu Sea. There are rivers, meandering streams, waterfalls, innumerable hanging bridges, magnificent rock formations, hidden lakes, rice terraces, unique flora, pottery village, rare salt-making tradition, hablon fabrics, beautiful sunsets and a lot more. This Exhibition will feature the landscape photographs made by those photographers who had been there and will present to you breathtaking views of Miag-ao never before seen by the general public in one single Exhibition.

Exhibition Date: Easter Sunday, April 5, 2015 until May 5, 2015.

Have a landscape photo of Miag-ao you wish to share with Miag-awanons and visitors? Then come join our Exhibition in Sulu Garden this April.

This Exhibition is not a contest; there are no prizes to be given. The prize is the joy and the pride of knowing that your images show to all how beautiful and unique Miag-ao truly is. aerial view Miagao townThere is no fee to join the Exhibition; just have your entries that meet the Guidelines of the Exhibition and the space limitations. There is also no entrance fee for the public to view the Exhibition. It is our way of sharing and giving thanks to our town and our patrons.

Any questions or inquiries please send by email to J. R. Matias (PoseidonNova@aol.com) or via private message in FB. Our Facebook page is Sulu Garden Miag-ao. Or you may come in person and see us at Sulu Garden. Website: www.sulugarden.com

For more information about submitting entries to this Exhibition, click here.

Please read the section on FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS HERE.


THEME: Landscape photographs of Miag-ao

Size of Printed Photograph: Minimum size allowed is 8 inch x 12 inch. Photographers may submit larger images. Glossy or matte finish is at the discretion of the photographer. No borders.

Sulu Garden reserves the right to not accept photographs for any of the following reasons:

The photograph does not meet the criteria of the theme.
Poor print quality.
Selfies, food or portraits not allowed in this exhibition. The landscape photos may have people as part of the composition. However, inclusion of any public officials is not permitted.
Photographs that promote any commercial establishment or product are disallowed.
Photoshopped images are not permitted. Photographers may use standard enhancement features during editing of the photograph prior to printing. Enhancements, such as noise reduction, burning, contrast, saturation, color adjustments, are allowed. Combining two or more separate images are not permitted.

By signing the photo submission document the photographer acknowledges that:

He/she is the sole owner of the images being presented in this Exhibition and responsible for the content of the images displayed in this Exhibition.
He/she has read the section on ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ that identifies various details pertaining to this Exhibition.


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