Fish Spa

sulu fish spaDining in Sulu Garden is an experience. Each dish that you choose is freshly cooked with the freshest ingredients we can find. But, completing your order takes 15 to 20 minutes before it can served.

IN THE MEANTIME, our Fish Spa inside the Event Hall is always available to pass the time while you are waiting for your meal. And as our thanks for your patience, the Fish Spa is FREE as long as you wish and if there is space (It can really get crowded at times). Or, you can come back after dinner and enjoy the feel of the fish biting off your dead skin.

If very ticklish, just bite your lips. Screaming with delight is allowed; you wont be the first and only one doing it either!

Have coffee, tea or beer while having the spa treatment. Your waiter will let you know when you table is ready.

ABOUT THE FISH. Sulu Garden’s fish spa is a unique collection of white guppies (which we bred ourselves for 2 years), mollies, tilapia, cichlids and other small fish–all selected for different ‘biting’ characteristics that gives you the range of experience.


Here are a few images of our guest enjoying the fish spa experience for the first time.